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Pro Bono Advisory Council at a Glance

What we do:

The core mission of the PBAC is to assist the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with the administration of patent pro bono programs across the United States. Established pursuant to the America Invents Act of 2011, the program's 22 non-profit organizations match under-resourced inventors with top quality volunteer patent attorneys or patent agents. Through their generous donation of time and effort, these volunteers ensure critical inventions, of benefit to all mankind, are not lost because of an inventor's inability to afford quality counsel. 


The USPTO provides inventor resources and links to the regional programs on its website. You can find that information here:  



Agents and attorneys interested in volunteering may also visit the USPTO Patent Pro Bono page to connect to their regional program.



“It’s heartbreaking when you meet someone with an amazing idea and realize it will never go anywhere because the person doesn’t have access to the legal system. With this program, we can now bring voice to that invention.”

David Kappos
Former Director of the United States Patent & Trademark Office, Pro Bono Advisory Council Board Member


Latest News & Resources

International Trademark Association Offers Pro Bono Services

What is the International Trademark Association (“INTA”)?

Founded in 1878, the International Trademark Association is a global not-for-profit advocacy association of brand owners and professionals from 187 countries. INTA supports trademarks and related intellectual property to foster consumer trust, economic growth, and innovation. 

What is the INTA Pro Bono Clearinghouse? 

Created in 2017, the Clearinghouse furthers INTA’s mission by providing legal services, on a pro bono basis, to low-income individuals and financially needy nonprofit or charitable organizations.

Who Qualifies as a Potential Trademark Pro Bono Client?

Individuals & Non-Profit Organizations with a trademark related legal issue may qualify for pro bono assistance through a showing of financial need, the current maximum for individuals is income at 4 times poverty level.  The Clearinghouse is currently limited to clients located in the United States.

How do I Apply?

Please follow this link https://www.inta.org/Advocacy/Pages/ProbonoClearinghouse.aspx for more information on how to apply for the program. If you have any questions about referrals, please email Stacey Sutton at ssutton@inta.org.


Successful Collaborations

Michels Family Photo.jpeg


Shawn built a simple, but highly innovative guide for diabetics to stabilize an insulin pen for easy one-handed use. Steady Shot was born and soon his bruising and painful injections faded away.  https://mysteadyshot.com

Shawn was assisted by LegalCorps, the program serving inventors in North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. http://legalcorps.org/inventors

Jen and Travis Kelley_edited.png

With “book knowledge” on how to install a door, the Kelleys thought it would be easy to install a door in their nursery. It was anything but. Their struggles with a seemingly simple task led to their inventing a tool for DIY’s. 


Jen and Travis were assisted by LegalCorps, the program serving inventors in North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. http://legalcorps.org/inventors

Kyle Snowberger.jpg


Kyle Snowberger is an aerospace engineer with a dream; that one day soon there will be a High Altitude Air Launch to Orbit system suitable for commercial applications. Kyle is more than a visionary, he is an inventor who designed and is now creating the system he envisioned. 


Kyle was assisted by the Pennsylvania Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, the program that serves residents of Pennsylvania. https://pvla.org


A few years ago  Malek had a simple but profound revelation: Thousands of people every day grasp handrails on escalators and moving sidewalks; there should be a simple and inexpensive way to keep these handrails clean. Leveraging his inventive mind and his academic background, Malek invented the “ESCi Clean” system, a simple cost effective  device to help protect our health as we grasp moving handrails in our daily travels.

Malek was assisted by the Chicago-Kent College of Law program, serving inventors residing in the State of Illinois. https://www.kentlaw.iit.edu/seeking-legal-help/illinois-patent-pro-bono



Dyan Grey is an artist. Dyan’s attraction to natural material, texture and form led her to furniture design. With patent in hand, Dyan’s furniture has been exhibited in prestigious venues including the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, the Architectural Digest Home Show and the Modernism Show.


Dyan was assisted by the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts New York program, serving inventors in the Tri-State area of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. 



Michael invented the Halo Ramp, an innovative articulating truck delivery ramp. With the Halo, drivers can safely unload their trucks in difficult areas.


Michael was asisted by LegalCorps, the program serving inventors in North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. http://legalcorps.org/inventors


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